How Monalisa Treatment Can Change Your Life

Women are often uncomfortable regarding the topic of vaginal discomfort or dryness. But it is something that many of them are interested in. Throughout a woman’s life, she may experience many physical changes, with many of them centered around the vagina. Fortunately, just as there are procedures to refresh the body, there are procedures for the vagina. Let’s look into the Monalisa treatment and how it works.

What Is a Monalisa Treatment?

First, let’s explore what exactly a Monalisa treatment is. Essentially, this treatment is a laser treatment meant specifically for vagina. The laser treatment often results in improved vaginal dryness, pain during sexual intercourse, and laxity. Women have also reported positive results in terms of mild urinary incontinence through Monalisa treatments.

Who is Monalisa Treatment For?

The Monalisa procedure is a great option for a wide range of women. Women who give birth vaginally may experience a great deal of trauma, from tearing to swelling, and this treatment can help. Additionally, as women enter menopause, they may experience dryness that gradually gives way to further changes. Typically, women enter menopause between the ages of 40 and 50. Therefore, these changes may become more noticeable as women enter middle age. Such women are ideal candidates for the Monalisa procedure.

How Does a Monalisa Treatment Work?

The way that a Monalisa treatment works is fairly straightforward. Essentially, gentle laser energy is used to treat vaginal wall tissue. The laser’s energy stimulates a healing effect. The great thing about the treatment is that there is very little downtime involved, it is low risk, and it does not even require anesthesia. The laser’s energy is delivered through a vaginal wand. If you are familiar with ultrasound wands, the wands used during Monalisa treatments are very similar. The wand is then turned clockwise and counterclockwise.

As long as a professional is involved, the patient should feel minimal, if any discomfort throughout the process. It actually takes less than five minutes to perform.

Usually, a total Monalisa treatment will be delivered through three procedures over the course of 18 weeks. Many women actually begin experiencing results following the first procedure. Usually, it is recommended that women repeat the treatment once a year in order to maintain the results.

Why not ask The Center For Women’s Aesthetics about the Monalisa treatment? It could be exactly what you need!