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Ceramides are lipid (fat) molecules in the skin that form a barrier to protect our skin and help maintain moisture. They are naturally found in the epidermis, or the outermost layer of the skin, and make up more than 50% of the skin’s composition. Our own natural ceramides decrease with aging, sun exposure or environmental stressors, resulting in dry, rough skin, wrinkles, and visibly dehydrated skin. The role of topical ceramides in skincare products is to increase the skin barrier and improve hydration resulting in plumper, smoother, firmer, and more hydrated skin.

At the Center for Women’s Aesthetics, we offer several products that contain ceramides including Skin Better’s Alto, Alpharet, Even Tone, Trio, and Hydration Boosting Cream. Consistent use of these products can make a dramatic difference in your skin’s appearance and overall health. In the PCA line we carry Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum to bind moisture and increase the body’s own hyaluronic acid production, and ClinicCalm to calm irritated skin. Let one of our skincare experts help customize a skincare regimen that best suits your own needs so that your skin will be healthy and glowing!


A buzz word in skincare that you may have heard is “peptides”. These amino acid compounds are found in every cell and tissue in the body and help to promote collagen growth. Collagen is the building block of our skin and it is the foundation for healthy, glowing skin, giving it a plump and firm appearance. As we age we lose collagen, resulting in loss of volume and the formation of lines and wrinkles. As collagen deteriorates, it produces peptides that signal cells to make new collagen. When topically applied, our skin thinks peptides are a breakdown product of collagen and they trick the body into producing more collagen. Besides anti-aging benefits, peptides aid in wound healing and improvement in skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis. They are beneficial to all skin types and can even be considered a non-invasive alternative to Botox in those who are not ready for injections. Studies have shown that topical peptide application can decrease wrinkle depth by 27% and wrinkle size by 36%.

At The Center for Women’s Aesthetics, we carry multiple topical peptide products that can benefit every skin type or concern. Within our Skin Better line, peptides can be found in Alpharet, Interfuse Face and Neck, Interfuse Eye, and Lines. The tried and true PCA line offers Exlinea which targets lines and tightens the skin, and Perfect Neck & Decollete’ contains both peptides and stem cells to improve the skin on the neck and chest. In our amazing new Biopelle line, Tensage Intensive contains two types of peptides, as well as growth factors obtained from a certain type of snail, to make a dramatic difference in the health of the skin. And in our botanical-based line, Epionce, Intensive Nourishing Cream contains plant-based peptides that hydrate the skin and give it a beautiful glow.

Ask our skincare experts how peptides can help address your skincare concerns!

Growth Factors

Growth Factors have been used in topical skincare products for over 15 years. First discovered in the 1950s by two scientists who later won a Nobel Prize for their work, growth factors are naturally occurring proteins that communicate with skin cells to stimulate new healthy skin. They aid in collagen and elastin production, increase firmness and elasticity of the skin, reduce inflammation, and speed wound healing. Additionally, the topical application increases the levels of growth factors in the skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles, while also improving discoloration. Growth factors can be found not only in human cells, but also in animal and plant cells. Human growth factors are found in tissues such as those in the fat, umbilical cord, foreskin, and bone marrow. Rest assured that growth factors are NOT growth hormones.

As we age, we produce fewer growth factors. If we apply topical products that contain growth factors, our skin ACTS YOUNGER! In fact, the most noticeable results are seen in more mature skin that exhibits more sun damage. Some clinical studies have shown that skin thickness can improve up to 60% with continued twice-daily use.

Our exclusive Biopelle line contains a very unique growth factor found in the secretions of the Cryptomphalus Aspersa snail, a species that is over 500 million years old. These secretions known as SCA were first used in healing radiation burns after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and showed astounding results. SCA naturally restores and revitalizes the skin by stimulating fibroblast cells, those responsible for building collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. These products have been shown in numerous clinical studies to improve photodamage, reduce wrinkles, and reverse the signs of aging. And isn’t that something we are all looking for?
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