The Benefits Chemical Peels Can Have on Your Skin

Age and wear affect the skin the way it affects the body’s other organs. Fortunately, chemical peels are available today to rejuvenate the skin effectively and are not heavily invasive.

How Chemical Peels Work

This technique employs a powerful solution applied to the areas of skin exposed the most, including the face and neck. Through this process, the top layer is removed and then replaced with completely regenerated skin. Different types of chemical peels can address different skin issues. Some that are more powerful target wrinkles and excessive pigmentation. Acne is treated with solutions that contain salicylic acids. Peels containing lactic or fruit acids are considered more gentle.

The Benefits of Chemical Peels

Such treatment can benefit your skin and thus your overall appearance in several ways. It can decrease the lines and wrinkles that make people look their age or even much older. Some solutions are designed to remove the toughest wrinkles. Peels can also fade discoloration related to sun exposure or the excessive accumulation of skin pigment and are helpful in the treatment of acne. Additionally, they can benefit from cases of scarring in the skin. The result is the creation of a complexion that is smooth and appealing.

Undergoing a Skin Peel

A skin peel avoids the invasiveness of surgical procedures. The process will begin with a thorough cleaning and preparation of the skin before the solution is administered. Different types of peels may involve different periods of healing. Peels that provide superficial treatment will take from one to two days to fully heal, while medium peels will take five to ten days.

What Chemical Peels Have to Offer You

This treatment can improve your overall skin appearance. Chemical peels can be customized to satisfy your skin condition. Contact the Center For Women’s Aesthetics today to schedule an appointment. Our skincare specialists can determine your needs. Find out how you can benefit from a chemical peel today!