Back To Basics

Behind all great skin is a great skincare regimen. That being said, the order of the steps can be tricky and overwhelming. To ensure efficacy of your products, talk to your esthetician and determine your skin type. Using the wrong products for your skin type can severely dehydrate dry skin or not treat oily/acneic skin properly.

Before applying any other products, your skin should be clean and free of any makeup. Choose a gentle cleanser, such as GM Collin’s, “Oxygen and Puractive Mild Cleansing Gel.” It won’t strip away your skin’s natural oils or cause irritation. This keeps pores clear, reduces blemishes, and preps skin for the other products.

Next, apply a toner like GM Collin’s “Marine Collagen Revitalizing Mist.” It not only balances skin’s pH, but also softens and nourishes your skin before applying any day creams.

Next, you should apply a day cream such as, SkinBetter’s “Daily Treatment Cream FACE.” It’s formulated with a blend of peptides to nourish skin’s collagen.

The final step for a morning regimen is applying a sunscreen like GM Collin’s “50 + Dry Touch.” This is so important to prevent fine lines, age spots, and even melanoma.

For a nightly routine, it is imperative to cleanse your skin and wash away any impurities that could lead to breakouts. Skin repairs itself at night so after cleansing, apply an anti-aging night cream like SkinBetter’s “AlphaRet Overnight Cream FACE.” It’s a fourth-generation retinoid that’s proven to reduce the look of fine lines in 4-6 weeks without causing flaking or irritation. These simple steps make healthy, glowing skin attainable for anyone!